Allie Elliott

My email list has grown from 3000 to over 18000 this year and the year isn't even over yet! In past years I was thrilled to make $100 in a month and I made just over $900 in 2018 but I am on track to quadruple my earnings this year.


Ashley B

I am creating a membership site for teachers that provides self-care, meditations and other empowering products to help teachers feel like their best selves.


Dawn Ellis

I went from having a hobby to having a full-on business, now I make the equivalent of a full teacher's salary.


Franceska Leclerc

I found community, received clarity, pinpointed my vision and experienced huge growth in my email subscribers and business sales.


Hannah Stark

I've been working through the course over the last 6 months and I have already surpassed my sales on Teachers Pay Teachers for the entire 2018 year.


Jenny Cameron

I learned how to create resources and help teachers around the world. I found new purpose as an educator and am developing an online course.


Karyn Moore

I went from making $0/month to making $1000 in just three months.


Janice Dyke

I started my own blog, created an opt-in and updated all of my online resources with the support of Kayse, her team and the amazing fellow CTA members.


Katelyn Hildebrand

I was scared to join, what if I actually succeeded? It's made the biggest difference in my ability to impact other teachers. I've created a killer opt-in which solves a problem for other educators and grows my email list immensely!


Amanda Surowaniec

Throughout the CEO Teacher Academy I learned to create, market and sell my teaching resources. Now I am getting ready to pre-launch my monthly subscription box called The Ultimate Sensory Box in the winter of 2020.


Kathie Harsch

After joining The CEO Teacher Academy I started seeing some major traction. I'm creating a weekly podcast and a course!


Kayla Topper

Joining The CEO Teacher Academy has allowed me to have the classroom of my dreams by growing traffic to my online store and now I'm making 4-figures monthly.


Kelsey Reavy

When I was a little girl I wanted to own a company. Then I fell in love with Chemistry and became a teacher. Now I run my own company selling Chemistry resources and I'm combining two of my BIG dreams!


Linda Kenngott

I took a chance and invested in myself...I realized how much I didn't know! On average my sales have quadrupled per month compared to my previous year.


Lindsay Amezotchi

I have more than hope, I have action steps and strategies. Since joining The CEO Teacher Academy my blog traffic has increased from 9000 to 30000 per month, my TPT income has doubled, and my confidence has grown immensely!


Melissa Campbell

Since joining The CEO Teacher Academy I have learned how to increase traffic to my blogposts with SEO strategies to help get my content in front of my readers. I created 2 killer opt-ins and email sequence to support my customers.


Natalie Doebler

My Pinterest traffic went from 300 to 17000 views per month. On my TPT store I have gained 90 new followers and I am doubling my income on my store.


Nikky Lubing

I had been searching for a business coach and found Kayse Morris. I created an opt-in that hundreds of people have downloaded and my blog traffic has more than tripled. Real change does happen when you take her course!


Peyton Curley

Due to the strategies I've learned in The CEO Teacher Academy, I have been able to get my resources into the hands of over 6,000 teachers and that number is growing every single day.


Rachael Hull

I joined The CEO Teacher Academy four months ago and in my first month made $200, second month $250 and the third month $300 and it's still increasing, the biggest thing I've learned is confidence. The best is yet to come!


Rachel Vincent

I've been selling my resources as just a hobby but now want it to be a real business. I have found my passion for helping brand new teachers navigate their first few years.


Rainy Barton

I have learned about passive income and also how to create blogposts with key words, affiliate marketing and email sequences. I have started dreaming bigger dreams for myself!


Sabah Hassan

I have recouped the cost of the course multiple times over. Kayse helps us build our business from the ground up and make it last.


Ronnie Eyre

I have been on TPT and blogging since 2012 but was only spinning my wheels until I joined The CEO Teacher Academy. I saw the efforts that I put in have a huge impact.


Sara Settanni

Since starting The CEO Teacher Academy I get to work full-time on my businesses and it has tripled my revenue on selling my teaching resources. Now I can impact people all over the world!


Sarah Griffin

Before joining The CEO Teacher Academy I already had a small email list and had started a blog but I learned how to do it the right way with every single little detail. The community is the most amazing group of like-minded, go-getter teachers and entrepreneurs!


Shannon Schoenebeck

I started off with the desire to help teachers online but it has turned into a burning passion through The CEO Teacher Academy. Kayse has helped me share my wealth of knowledge with people who need it the most!


Tatiana Ryabkova

I am the first and only teacher from Russia and I have found the perfect place to start. Even though I am thousands of miles away I have found an amazing group of friends to work on personal and professional goals. A good coach can change a game, the perfect coach can change a life!


Tina Gabel

I have grown my business from an idea to selling teaching resources online to a trademarked brand in just one short year!


Yanet Lopez

The best thing that Kayse has taught me is how to shift my mindset. You will learn everything needed to become a CEO Teacher!


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