Ready To Take The Guesswork Out of Turning Your Teaching Skills and Resources Into A Profitable Online Business?

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Start or Expand Your Online Teacher Business in 2021

Get a breakdown of exactly what it takes to go from pipedream to profit and become a CEO Teacher using skills and resources you already have

(Even if you have no idea where to start, zero tech skills, and a serious allergy to marketing yourself)

Consider this free guide a collection of shortcuts designed to get you to the destination of your teacher dreams…

More free time?

A bank balance that doesn’t make you sweat?

A greater impact for the same amount of work?


In Start or Expand Your Online Teacher Business In 2021 you’ll learn:


What it takes to turn your lesson plans into a thriving teacher business in 2021 and how to do it without adding hours to your already hectic work week.

(Psst… good news: as a teacher, you already possess a skill set that puts you ahead of the game)


The difference between TPT stores that make consistent sales and those that result in crickets (hint: there’s more to your success than just creating a resource — I’ll show you what’s missing).


How to mindmap your way to more clarity and confidence so you know exactly where you’re headed on your CEO Teacher journey and how to get there.


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A note from Kayse (your new favorite teacher — fingers crossed!)

You’ve got what it takes and more to build a successful teacher business.

You don’t need to know all the answers, you just need to be willing to put one foot in front of the other.

My own journey started with the goal of paying my Netflix bill and led me to places I never thought possible. Yours starts right here.

I’ve distilled my hard won lessons into this free guide with one goal: to help heart-driven teachers like you make the money and the impact you deserve.

Trust me, if you can get yourself a teaching degree you can easily crack the CEO Teacher code. Ready to get started?!

Grab your favorite highlighter and get ready to dig in.

See you on the other side!